The Science of Slime

Multicoloured slime

We just LOVE all things slime and couldn't resist sharing some of our interesting slime facts, questions, and experiments with you.

First of all do you know what the differences between a liquid and solid are?

What is a liquid? What can it do?
What can you do to it?



What is a solid? What can it do?
What can you do to it?



So... is slime a liquid or a solid?

Slime is a NON-NEWTONIAN FLUID!!!!!!!

Can you think of any of more kinds of non-Newtonian fluids? What about ketchup?



Slime is EVERYWHERE in the real world (real slime, not the stuff we make!). Can you think of where we can find real slime?



 Did you know that a fear of slime is called BLENNOPHOBIA?

If you have some slime to make, make it now and then let's do some experiments!

Experiment 1 - Runniness
Roll the slime into a ball and place it back in its tub. No lid. Time how long it takes to take the shape of the tub.

Experiment 2 - Stretchiness
Roll your slime into a ball and then stretch it as far as you can (you may need a friend to help!). Measure how far it stretches before it breaks. Do the best of 3 measurements.

Experiment 3 - Stickiness
Roll your slime into a ball and place it in the palm of your hand. Turn your hand over and time how long before it drops off.

If you have a number of different slimes you can complete the table below to see how they compare:








Which slime is the runniness?

Which slime is the stretchiness?

Which slime is the stickiness?

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