Slime Making Tips

All of our kits should have you making the perfect slime in no time at all, but if you have any problems achieving the perfect results follow our easy slime making tips:

  • Too sticky or runny? Add more activator and keep massaging through, adding a bit more activator at a time, until it is no longer runny.
  • Too firm? You have added too much activator but don't panic! Add a small amount of hand cream to the slime and massage through.
  • When you watch other people making slime on YouTube many use electric mixers, we don't!! Yes it is a little hard work but keep mixing and massaging, keep adding activator a bit at a time, and we PROMISE it will work and you will be proud of your slime making skills by the end of it.
  • Slime can take 20-30 minutes to make so don't expect it to happen in 5, give yourself time and enjoy the process.
  • Sticky icky hands will get cleaned up once the slime is properly formed. You will be able to roll the slime around your fingers and it will all come off!!
  • Keep slime covered when not playing with it as it will dry out and go solid.
  • If slime goes hard or too gluey again re-activate by adding a little warm water and activator.

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